Measures of Joy Bakery

Cookie Cutter Cookie Mix

These are the childhood favorite cookie cutter cookies.  Slip back into those memories of these perfectly shaped cookies being taken out of the oven and having to wait for them to cool long enough while the decorations are taken out and displayed for you to 'paint' a new edible canvas.  Buttery and slightly sweet, indulge in your favorite frosting and dab on some extra sprinkles.


Ingredients: corn starch, rice flour (white rice), xanthan gum, salt


Note:   All mixes are 100% non-gmo.  Any mix that contains corn starch can be interchanged with potato starch.  Just let us know by putting it in the notes when you order!

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Gluten Free Joys

Exceptionally great desserts that just happen to be gluten-free. Currently our web store is temporarily unavailable; we plan to open it up later in the year. All products are currently only available locally in Redding, California. Give us a call at 530-638-7177.